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Money is tight and no one wants to waste money buying something only to have it not meet our expectations. Grandpa Gary is here to the rescue! He will share the good, bad, and the ugly for a wide variety of goods and services so you can buy with confidence.

Grandpa will provide links for the products he reviews (yes, they are affiliate links to help finance this blog), and provide an unbiased evaluation for you. Not only does he present his views and assessments, but also those of the readers.

Get informed and make wiser purchases with the help of Grandpa Gary.

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Watch as Grandpa tests products and shares the details with you. Some products may be provided by the manufacturer, but even these get an honest and open minded evaluation. Grandpa is not shy, he will share the good, the bad, and the ugly of the products and the vendors providing them. Best of all, if you have purchased any of these products you can post comments and rate the products as well. Grandpa will provide an updated video that reflects what you the viewers think.

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